— CROCCHETTE DI PATATE — Potato, eggs, bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese served with pomodoro sauce $12.00
— CALAMARI & SHRIMP — Lightly breaded, deep fried calamari and shrimps, fresh bell peppers, served with sweet and chili sauce $18.00
— ARANCINI — Two arancini stuffed with Bolognese sauce, saffron rice, fresh Mozzarella Cheese served with pomodoro sauce. $18.00
— SAUTEED MUSSELS AND CLAMS — Mussels and clams cooked in white wine, lemon, parsley, served with crostini bread $22.00
— MEATBALLS — Meatballs served with pomodoro sauce, Parmesan Cheese and fresh basil $15.00
— SHRIMP COCKTAIL — Jumbo shrimps served with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon $16.00
— BRUSCHETTA — Homemade baguette, Cream potatoes spread, cherry tomatoes, Italian Pesto and Jumbo Shrimp $18.00
— CAPRESE SALAD — Tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil $14.00

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